a surfers charmed life

Aloha friends and surfers!

Welcome to my world! I'm a surfer and artist from Huntington Beach, California. As a kid growing up in Orange County I was a real rascal. Something about the ocean attracted me. During my trips to the beach in the 60's I would see surfers and surfing. Somehow I knew I too was going to be a surfer!  After a few years of bodysurfing and air mattress riding I finally got my first surfboard. A beat up Harbour Surfboard for $17. Now I was a surfer! We would ride our bikes with our surfboards up and down the coast. No money, no water, no phone! In the summer we would sleep on the beach wrapped up in beach towels. I lived for riding waves. In the late 80's I started an art business I called Kahuna's Klassics. I specialized in surfing themed awards, trophies and art. My very first order was to design and build the trophies for the 1988 World Surf Tour banquet in Hawaii! I started at the top! With the money I bought my first ticket to Hawaii and delivered the trophies myself! Since then I have built up a client base that includes companies like Quiksilver, World Surf League and Verizon. Some of the events I produce trophies for are Eddie Aikau Big Wave Contest, US Open of Surfing, Maverick's Big Wave Challenge and the Hurley Surf Ranch Pro. 

In the 90's I started  creating these minimalist surfer images. I then started incorporating them into my trophy designs. I called my art "Minimal Surf". Since then my imagery has been used on thousands of surf trophies for customers and collectors all over the world. 

"Minimalism is any design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect".  

Surf on friends! Dave C Reynolds